July 12th-17th, 2022


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Dancers are welcome, and encouraged, to join us for Master Classes on the final day of Nationals.
It’s a fun morning of classes with some of the top dancers/choreographers around!
Classes may include:

  • Jazz/Funk
  • Contemporary
  • Lyrical
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Tap
  • Broadway Pop

Please call for pricing.

Download Dancer Roster Here



Dancers must have previously participated in the Title Category at a Regional Competition to be eligible to enter the Title "Dancer of the Year" Category at Nationals. Dancers must compete using the same routine as was competed at their Regional for that season. Please note: The Title Category is a Competitive Level, and only those dancers competing at the Competitive Level are eligible to participate.

Dancers will be asked to submit a headshot prior to Nationals, and will record a brief, informal video to be recorded at Nationals with an SDA staff member. The videos will play on screen as an introduction before each of the dancers perform during the title competition.

There is a mandatory title class on the first day of Nationals for which dancers will be scored. A portion of each dancer's score will then be added to their adjudicated title performance score to produce a final total.

All participants will receive a tote bag, and are invited to the Dance Team Luncheon (at no additional cost). Participants are also invited to perform with the Title Dance Team during the Grand Showcase for which they will receive a t-shirt to perform in. Dancers must be available for choreography on the first day of Nationals and for all scheduled rehearsals to participate on the Title Dance Dance Team. Title winners may be invited to perform in the Grand Showcase on the last day of Nationals.

There will be a special Title Awards Night at Nationals. Dancers may dress in semi-formal attire for this awards ceremony. Title Winners are then invited to assist during awards ceremonies,  wearing their Title Jackets, for the remainder of the Nationals Competition.

Please see the NATIONALS DANCE TEAMS tab for Dancer Roster, and additional information.



Part of what makes “Nationals” so special is meeting new friends and working together as a group. We encourage dancers to participate on the dance teams;
make new friendships, learn new and fun choreography, and have another opportunity to perform! After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?   

Download Dancer Roster Here

SDA DANCE TEAM  All dancers attending Nationals are welcome to participate on these super fun teams. There will be two age groups: 8-12 & and ages 13+; please speak with your director for dance team pricing information. Dancers must be available for choreography on the 1st day of Nationals and for all scheduled rehearsals. Please, check the dance team schedule for more details. Dance teams will perform at the Grand Showcase on the last day of Nationals. All dancers will receive a complimentary t-shirt to wear for their performance. Dancers are also invited to a complimentary luncheon for all dance team members. Dancers must register by June 4th, 2022.

SDA ALL STAR TEAM Dancers in the competitive Primary through Young Adult solo/duo/trio categories, may be invited at their SDA Regional Overall Awards to be a part of our elite All-Star Dance Team at Nationals! (Please see your director for special 50% off dance team pricing for All-Stars.) Dancers must be available for choreography on the first day of Nationals and for all scheduled rehearsals. All-Star dancers will receive a complimentary t-shirt to wear for their performance at the Grand Showcase on the last day of Nationals. Dancers are invited to a complimentary luncheon for all dance team members. Dancers must accept their All Star invitation by June 4th, 2022.

ULTIMATE CLASS ASSISTANTS DANCE TEAM Class Assistants are chosen during SDA Regional competitions, and are invited to be part of an exciting Nationals Class Assistant Team. Dancers must be available for choreography on the first day of Nationals and for scheduled rehearsals to participate in the closing number for Class Assistants. Class Assistants will receive a complimentary t-shirt and will be performing at the gala, as well as at the Grand Showcase. Class Assistants are also eligible to assist the faculty for Nationals Master Classes on a first come basis. There will be a complimentary luncheon for all class assistants and dance team members. Please contact the office for more information, prior to June 4th, 2022.

NATIONALS TITLE DANCERS TEAM Dancers having participated in a SDA Regional Title Category, who are also competing for Title at Nationals will have have fun dancing on the Nationals Title Dance Team! Dancers must be available for all choreography and scheduled rehearsals throughout Nationals week. The Title Dancers will perform at the gala, as well as at the Grand Showcase (on Sunday). The dancers will receive a tote bag, as well as a t-shirt for their team performances. All Dance Teams, including Title Dancers, are invited to a complimentary luncheon. Please contact the office for more information prior to June 4th, 2022.


SDA’s Annual Nationals Gala will be an incredible night of performances, a delicious dinner, overall awards, and fun!

Throughout Nationals week, the Directors and Judges will be selecting some of the most original, inspiring, and entertaining entries to perform for you, along with other fun, after enjoying a delicious buffet-style dinner and dessert. Please call for pricing.

After dinner and the performances, the doors will open for the Overall Awards Ceremony. Please note that those purchasing Gala tickets will have preferred seating at their tables for all of the evening's festivities. (There is no admittance fee for those attending the Awards Ceremony ONLY. This seating will be theater style to the rear of the Gala tables)

Dinners must be pre-ordered; please use the Dancer Roster Form. Download Dancer Roster Here

The Nationals Grand Showcase will be held on the final day of Nationals, beginning at approximately 3:00 pm and will include the following exciting events:

Performances by the Master Teachers

See your favorite Master Class Teachers as they perform for you!

Improv Finals

Cheer your friends and classmates on in the final round of our Improv Challenge!

Judges Choice Battle 

These very entertaining dance routines have been chosen from each Regional event, along with the best of the best chosen from Nationals entries to go head to head in our Judges Choice Battle! The top prize includes bragging rights, a trophy, and $1000 (awarded to the studio)!

Dance Team Spectacular

They have rehearsed all week long, and now they’re ready go! Come cheer on your dancers in this fun, friend making, team building dance extravaganza!

SDA All-Stars/Class Assistants Dance Teams

  See what these top scoring dancers have been up to all week. They are sure to impress and blow your socks off!!

Title Dance Team

Our title participants have been working hard all week long too! Join us to cheer them on as they perform one more time... together!

And To Close the Show

Title Winners/Dancers of the Year, will be introduced and will perform again! Excitement continues with the announcement and award presentation for the winners of the Improv Challenge and the Judges Choice Battle! Tickets to this event may be purchased throughout Nationals week or may be purchased through your studio before Nationals. Please see your studio director for all pricing.

SDA Nationals week is packed with excitement! Join us for all the fun,
as we come together to celebrate the end of the 2022 Competition Season!

Fantastic Master Classes with Top Dance Professionals
Improv Workshop & Improv Challenge
Dance Teams Luncheon
Special Title Awards "Dancers of the Year" Night
Judges Choice Grand Showcase Dance-Off!
Dance Team Spectacular, Grand Showcase Numbers
• Ultimate Assistant Dance Team
• SDA All-Star Team
• SDA Nationals Dance Team
• Title Dancers Dance Team

AND BACK FOR 2022 ...
Our Exciting Awards  Gala!
Fun Themed Dance Parties!
Directors/Teachers/Faculty Event!





Questions about our exciting Nationals Week on Cape Cod? Contact Us!